May devblog This month allowed us to make progress on the integration of options, while publishing the first alpha versions.
Announcing First Alpha Release

We've just released our first alpha version of Tess v0.7

April devblog

During last weeks, we've deployed website update and added new options' deserialization to the rewrite codebase.

March devblog

This month allowed us to make Tess' rewrite available and to update the website.

February devblog

This month was mainly devoted to preparing the website update and integrating options parsing for Tess. <br> <br> Foremost, Tess has reached 2 years of existence ...

January devblog

The development of the next update of Tess has started more than one month ago. Here's notable changes planned and all work already done!

Announcing 0.6.3

We are happy to announce an upcoming update as like as a website update.

Future of Tess

Announcing 0.6.3, the future of Tess and the Website.

Announcing 0.6.2 & Website

After several months, the new release of Tess is now available as well as the website.