February devblog

This month was mainly devoted to preparing the website update and integrating options parsing for Tess.

Foremost, Tess has reached 2 years of existence on February 11, thanks to you and your support. We hope that this year will be another time amazing for everybody!

Terminal Changes

Security Improved

With the change of JavaScript to Rust and TypeScript, the global security of the app has been greatly improved. The codebase is now more secure than before, and many bugs, essentially related to invalid options, has been fixed!

New Options

This month, we've also introduced new options to let you customize Tess as you want.

  • draw bold in bright color: This will let you choose to display bold text using bright color or the default bold variant of the font used in the terminal
  • bell: Tess will now be able to emit sound during certain events.
  • show picture: With the next release, Tess will become more powerful and will be able to displays images right in the shell.

Obviously, all of these options will be able to be turned on only for a specific profile.

Improved Tab Design

As you can see, tabs has received a major design update.

Open and close animation has been rework in order to be smoother, and the reordering feature has been completely rewritten. This will result in a far more efficient and pleasant way to use tabs!

Some changes may still occur, but majors tabs rework are already done.

Better Error Handling

As planned in our roadmap for the rework of core features of Tess, we have added error handling in order to prevent unexpected behavior and giving feedback to users when something go wrong inside Tess. Currently, these errors are not displayed back to the user, but we are actively working on.

Website Update

Rocket to Actix

As the website grows up, we have raised various performance issues, mainly caused by our framework, which is powerful but also heavy. We have almost completely rewritten the website using another framework, called Actix which will greatly improves performances.

More, these performance issues were also caused by a lack of cache in our codebase, which was also fixed with the new version, making the website much faster.

Improved Design

With the rewrite of our website, we have also grandly improved the global site design by making it more ergonomic, fixing rendering issues and more!

You will feel better when navigating over our website.

Coming Next Month

Codebase Available

March will be an amazing month for Tess. In addition to the website update, we have also planned to finally release our codebase in a new branch on GitHub, letting you test the rework, raise issues and submit features ideas!

We're also planning to release an alpha version of Tess's rework, probably one each month, which will includes all newly developed features.

We hope you enjoy these announcements, see you soon ❤️!