Announcing First Alpha Release

We've just released our first alpha version of Tess v0.7

First alpha

As mentioned previously, we have successfully deployed our first alpha version of the rewrite of Tess. You could now download the rewrite of Tess for Linux using the release page on GitHub.

However, please notice that this version is still an alpha and bugs may occur. More, most features from the Electron version are missing, so we don't recommend you to set it as your main terminal emulator.

Another limitation for you is that this alpha version is only available on a computer running Ubuntu 20.04 or superior, or any equivalent distribution. More, your computer must run on amd64 or i686. If you are running on other systems, you could still clone the repo and run cargo build --release in your favorite terminal to manually compile Tess.

Future alpha version

Previously, we've said that we want to release an alpha each month. We've decided to make more alpha, by releasing one each time we introduce new things or patch bugs to Tess. You can expect to have a new alpha version every 2 weeks, each time with bugs fixes or new features to test.

See you later, and thanks for your support!