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0.6.3 Latest version
17 Extensions
156 Stars
Preview of Tess #1
Intelligent Terminal Tess was designed to provide you an optimal experience. Therefore, it has progress tracking support, notifications for completed process. It also has intelligent tabs that change their name depending of the current process, close confirmation and many more! These features are all configurable to suit your needs. All were designed to provide you the best experience as possible.
Preview of Tess #2
Work everywhere It was designed to work on all computers. Also, Tess works on Windows, Linux. You will have the same experience on all your devices. Furthermore, Tess support platform-specific integrations like context menu on Windows. Tess also has a dynamic titlebar that work on all platforms. There is a perfect integration everywhere!
Preview of Tess #3
Built for you Tess has been designed to match your needs. It comes with a ton of options and all of them are fully configurable in a dedicated configuration page. Moreover, Tess comes with a native support of plugins and themes. You can discover most of them in the marketplace. More, the extensions manager lets you install, update and remove extensions in less than one minute!

Latest News

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Development progress

During the past months, we have mainly worked on reimplementing new features, improving the user experience, and introducing & revamping features.

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Summer devblog

We have worked all this summer on the preparation of our new alpha release. We have greatly improved some features and introduced new ones.

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June devblog

This month, we finally released Windows support, but we are also continuing the development to make the rewrite usable as soon as possible.

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May devblog

This month allowed us to make progress on the integration of options, while publishing the first alpha versions.

Common Questions

What is Tess?

Tess is a terminal emulator. It lets you have a full access to your computer, use command line based programs and many more. It is available on Linux, Mac and Windows

Can I use Tess without installing it?

Yes, you can! You just have to download the portable build for your plateform and extract It. Moreover, if you decide to download and install Tess, all settings will be saved between the portable and the installed version!

Can I change the color scheme?

You can customize all parts of Tess whatever you want. Just go to the configuration page and select your theme. You can also create your own theme. For that, follow the guide here

When MacOS version will be available?

Currently, no release date is planned yet for MacOS. However, a guide to built the app yourself is available here