April devblog

During last weeks, we've deployed website update and added new options' deserialization to the rewrite codebase.


This month, we have successfully deployed a small patch that fix a problem with the stats displayed on the home page. This patch also improves speed and slightly reduces resources consumption on our server.

More, as expected, the new TLD that we've bought last month became more popular than the other one. We hope this will help Tess to grow!

Option Deserialization

During this month, we have added many new options that aren't available previously. We also have integrated deserialization of others options that are already available in Tess.

These changes include

  • Font weight & font weight bold: Let you change the normal font weight and the bold font weight.
  • Letter spacing: Let you choose the space between each of the characters displayed.
  • macro: Let you add macros that can be invoked with shortcut to automatically send text input to the focused tab.

Currently, there are just some options that left to be integrated, but this doesn't block us to develop other feature.

Notifications & Alpha Version

We are currently working on a notification system. We've almost finished it, but we still need to fix some issues and improve our system in order to make it efficient.

Furthermore, we hope to be ready to make an alpha version of Tess this month, we'll come back later on this.

Rewrite Progress

Features Electron Tauri
Tabs ✔️ ✔️
Move tabs between windows
Administrator tabs
Tabs split
Command line interface ✔️
Plugins 🟠
Themes 🟠
Config page ✔️
Config watching 🟠
Image display
Font ligature 🟠
Animated background
URI scheme API
Search in a shell