Announcing 0.6.2 & Website

After several months, the new release 0.6.2 of Tess is now available as well as the website

What's new?

This update includes plenty of bug fixes, new features and also new default theme and icons.

If you have used Tess before this release, pls run tess-cli -S --theme default to update the default theme! You can also download the theme one-dark to conserve the old default theme


Concerning the website, it has been fully designed and created with ❤️ for you. You just have to explore it, it will be the main place to find news and infos about Tess, just like the discord

If you find any bugs, thank you to please report them by creating an issue on the github

After that?

The incoming updates will be announced in a few weeks. All I can say is will be awesome and a big step forward for Tess ✨. See you soon!